Ricardo has studied art in 14 cities across China and speaks Mandarin. He is also a guitarist and founder of Omeros.net Recording & Concerts and occasionally performs locally & internationally. His passion for rare books began in 1990 after being introduced to the field by his former highschool English teacher, and previous Out-of-Print Bookstore owner, Donald James Ryberg.

The Out-of-Print Bookstore was founded in 1977 by Arvena Flury and was sold to Jim Ryberg, her store manager & book buyer, in 1985. Jim Ryberg retired in 2003 and remained our consultant in fine acquisitions. Jim passed away on February 10th, 2010. His presence will always be with us.

Antiquarian & Rare ~ Art & Literature ~ Childrens & Mystery ~ Oil & Gas
Medical & Fiction ~ Genealogy & Military History ~ Architecture & Engineering

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" We don't sell books. We sell memories."